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About Swanshurst School

Swanshurst is a comprehensive school for girls situated in south Birmingham. We have 1800 students with 250 in our mixed sixth form.

Our involvement with BARRA began in 2006 when we were asked to create a data base on the web. We then set up a group of girls to help us to input the data.

These grils were maily from Year 10. Four members of staff also inputted the data.

We used the dinner hours, started off at a gallup and then slowed down as we realised how long it was going to take.

Eventually it was finished in May 2007. We spent a long time checking the data base and then the IT Support Team created the website for us.

The website was launched in November 2007

From Our Archive
We Remember....
James Frederick Webb (Civilian and Home Guard)
Killed at the age of 44 during an attack on Rodney Inn, Gooch Street, 24 October 1940
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